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What is Bushcraft?


By definition, bushcraft can be explained as life skills needed to help you live, thrive and survive in the wilderness without the need to outsource any amenities. Typically these skills can be gained via real wilderness experiences or knowledge. However bushcraft isn't all about wilderness survival, it entails skills associated with sustainability which implies using a natural approach to making our natural world a better place to live in.

Wilderness survival skills

Fire building, shelter building, water collection and purification, food foraging and hunting or trapping game are the main skills required in bushcraft. Most of these fundamental skills frequently are accompanied by subsets which are essential aspects of survival.

  •    For food foraging, you need to learn how to avoid toxic plants, how to make efficient harvests, camp cooking as well as know local plants.
  •    Under hunting and trapping, you need to know how to use lures, build snares, read animal signs, hide human scents, stalk and track game, make cordages, tie knots as well as clean and cook game.
  •    For water collection and purification, you ought to learn how to look for water, make natural filters, purify water and come up with containers for water carrying.
  •    Shelter building gets you skills to make cordage, tie knots, baton branches, weave grass, cut trees and come up with natural waterproof insulations.
  •    Fire building skills require you to learn how to collect firewood, baton branches, gather tinder, make fire plough or bow drill, make fire pits and learn different types of lights and their uses.


Bushcraft Gear

Being in the wilderness requires you to be fully equipped, you thus need special gear for this expedition.  For any bushcraft expedition, you need to be fully armed with your survival gear. This may vary depending on the nature of wilderness, but you need to have at least a backpack, a knife, a hatchet and a saw. Most of these can be purchased from a reputable store. We recommend a bushcraft store because they can recommend the necessary starting gear for your course.


The bottom line


Most of these tools will go a long way to help you survive in most outdoor projects. It's, however, important to site out that the core idea behind surviving in nature is to make you adaptable in facing problems. The best tools in survival is what you have with you. Go for it and learn all you can in your outdoor venture.


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